>>>! NOTICE TEXT = These are some of the brands Ryan has had the pleasure of working with.
Brand Associations ///
A website designed for AT&T to combat distracted driving.
AT&T “It Can Wait” ///
::DISPLAY:: [Web Design]
An Augmented Reality Medical Education Application for the iPad.
Effectomy App ///
::DISPLAY:: [UI Design] [Branding] [AR]
An Augmented Reality marketing tool for TV Fitting.
Samsung TV TrueFit ///
::DISPLAY:: [UI Design] [AR]
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>>>! Ryan Maskell
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Creative Lead
working in
Spokane, WA.
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Branding & Logo Design ///
Three brands created to represent different augmented reality technologies.
Gravity Jack Patent Brands ///
::DISPLAY:: [Logo Design] [Branding]
Clan branding and graphics for a group of gamers.
Destiny UNMASKED Clan ///
::DISPLAY:: [Logo Design] [Branding]
A modern apparel/Volcom-esk style brand.
Nightwatch Logo ///
::DISPLAY:: [Logo Design]
::NAME:: Laura Olphie
::OCCUPATION:: Graphic Designer
“Ryan knows Adobe products like the back of his hand. He truly considers the end user when designing, and excels working in both a team setting and independently on projects.”
::NAME:: Bradley Marks
“I meet a lot of younger designers (at Nike, Adidas, etc.) I find a lot of apathetic people who aren’t curious, or willing to share. Plenty of duds. Ryan has a spark, and it should be recognized.”
::OCCUPATION:: Motion Graphics Designer
::NAME:: Arlen Byrd
::OCCUPATION:: Team Accelerator
“Ryan cares about the people he works with and enjoys the process of building websites from start to finish. He’s amicable and easy to get along with, even willing to pitch in on work not in his core areas of focus if necessary. He enjoys the chance to collaborate and brings humor and energy to his team.”
::NAME:: Eric Louis
::OCCUPATION:: Instructor
“Creativity fuels Ryan’s days. He loves the challenge of creating excellence from the idea & inception phase through to the production & editing phases. He can handle the big picture, & can devise a systematic way of achieving the smaller goals along the path.”
Testimonials ///